How to become a full stack developer | In easy way step by step

How to become a full-stack developer | In easy 

way step by step.

How to become a full stack developer
How to become a full-stack developer

In this tutorial, you will learn how to become a Full stack developer in 
easy way step by for beginner to advance level and in this whole all over the 
country full stack developer demand is increasing because every company want
 to whether I need a full stack developer.

From the full stack, developer companies can need work font end developer,
 back-end developer as well as they can do database in minimum cost Every company wants to need a developer at a minimum cost.

Before starting this tutorial let me tell you How to become a full stack developer, I want you I am Mr. developer  I am a software developer as well as a web developer I am passionate from Software field and I have experienced approx. 2 years in software as well Web developer field if you are really want to become a full-stack developer then you should be following my rule.

How to become a full-stack developer?

If you want to become a full-stack developer then you will be known first of all you will be known  what is front -End developer  and how it works and how will be learning and in this tutorial  you will know how to become a front-End developer And second Technology you will know Back-End developer and how it work And last technology will you Database.

In this tutorial, you will be know how to become a full-stack developer and I am already discussed about full stack developer above the paragraph if you really want to become a full-stack developer then you can become full stack developer.

What is full stack developer?

full stack developer is a web developer or engineer who should be] works with both the front and back ends of a website or application that meaning they can tackle projects that involve

databases, building user-facing websites, or even work with clients
during the planning phase of projects. And  if you really Become full stack developer then you should be known in additional Graphic design and You should be known good communication skill because everyone wants to need  a good communicator, yet they can communicate with another person and if you are really passionate for the online freelancing job then you should be about all technology which I am discussed.

Before starting the how to become a full-stack developer you should start Front-End developer first of all question arise how to start front   developer from beginner to advance let me tell you before starting the front -End developer which equipment is needed therefore  I tell you can select   any text editor like Notepad+ and Sublime text 3  I recommend sublime text 3 software editor because I, therefore, recommended this sublime text 3 editors that in this best plugin option before starting the Sublime text 3 editors you start at  Notepad+ because in this software editor you will be really know how it works actually.

If you are want to become a full-stack developer then you must be follow there are following step and in this step, you will be actually  know how to should start a full stack developer and mainly there are  three phases and   you will  be pass  through three phases. You will be learning how actually start how to become a full stack developer.

Three are mainly three phases you should be must follow from beginner to advance actually if you are want to become a full-stack developer then should
be keep patience this full-stack developer demand is increasing day by day.

Let's start how to become a full-stack developer

  1. Front - End developer
  2. Back-End developer
  3. Database

Before starting the Front-End developer you should will  be know how to start  Front-End developer from beginner to advance because every best Company wants the best front developer if you are want to work as front end developer then you can  do it but the salary gets in a minimum amount  as you like it  I recommended you whether work as a full stack developer.

There are   many technologies you will be learning as front-end developer which I tell you in the first step for how to stat a full stack developer.

                         1.   Front-End Developer

Front-End developer

This is the first step for full stack developer and how to start a full stack developer in this the whole major country full stack developer demand increases you will know step by from beginner to advance.

Mainly there are three technology and some framework related for you will be known and I tell you that framework is actually is ready-made source code only you will be known how to change the with source code according to use what is want it.

How to start Front-End developer

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript.
  • Bootstrap 3/4

There are above phase you will be passed if you are actually kept want to become a full-stack developer this first step for you.


First of all, the question arises what is HTML and how to start it from zero to advance this is very essential and I tell you that this is the part of body
Suppose that understand through the example like understand through A Human body cartilage is the main part of your body on which your meaty lies actually.

Just like HTML is part of the web page body.

 What is HTML

 HTML is the standard markup language for any web pages.
 With the help of HTML, you can create your own website like the static and dynamic website.

There are main points of HTML which is given below

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language
HTML describes the structure of a Web page
HTML consists of a series of element
HTML elements tell the browser how to display the content

  • HTML elements are represented by a tag
  • HTML tags label pieces of content such as "heading", "paragraph", "table", and so many more.
  • Browsers do not display the HTML tags, but use them to render the content of the page
History of HTML, HTML was invented by Tim Berbers-Lee and it is also discovered WWW (world wide web which is known as world internet).
For learn HTML there following topic you should be must know.

  • HTML   Element
  • HTML  heading
  • HTML  attributes
  • HTML  paragraph
  • HTML  styles
  • HTML  formatting
  • HTML  quantitation 
  • HTML  columns
  • HTML  links
  • HTML  images
  • HTML  tables
  • HTML  list
  • HTML  block
  • HTML  classes
  • HTML  id
  • HTML  File path      
  • HTML  head
  • HTML  responsive
  • HTML  semantics
  • HTML  Symbols
  • HTML  Forms
  • HTML  elements
  • HTML  form input type
  • HTML  form input attributes
  • HTML  Canvas for graphics 
  • HTML  video 
  • HTML  Audio
  • HTML  YouTube

I have discussed all the topic for HTML from beginners to advance if you really want to lean it then you can start the search and one of the best important notices for every beginner and advance you must follow daily practice because without practice you can not become a developer so that practice will be kept for a beginner.

You can search on google for learning HTML there are many topics will be shown on the browser and I recommend you self-Search on google then you will fast learn because self-explore is very good. If you want to learn through YouTube then learn and I recommended best YouTube for every  simply Click At

Hence I which tell you if you are following the all topic one by one with example practice then you can easily become master in HTML and the last you will learn API if you really data fetch on your website then you will know API.

What is API

Basically, API is a tool for fetching and connect the real data with your website, and API is an application program interface which is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. 

If you want to lean in actually HTML then practice is very important, I already tell about it.


CSS is a language which describes the style of HTML document and CSS is also describing the how HTML element should be displayed and this tutorial will be from basic to advance this is a very important part of our HTML content.

First of all, the question arises what is CSS and how to start from beginner to advance I will be told that how to start CSS and where this very easy technique for every beginner
What is CSS

 CSS stands for cascading style sheets and CSS describes how the HTML element is actually to be displayed on the screen in any browser, paper or in other media and CSS Save s a lot of work. It can control the layout of multiple web pages all at once and external style sheets are stored in the CSS file.

Why Use CSS

CSS is used to define styles for your web pages, including the design, layout, and variations in display for different devices and screen sizes for making attractive our web pages.

1. HTML was never intended to contain tags for formatting a Web page and 
2. HTML was created to describe the content of the web page this was a big problem in HTML.

But CSS Saves a Lot of Work The a style definition is normally saved in externals files with external the style-sheet file you can change the tool of an entire website by changing just one file!

 Before starting the CSS, I told you A CSS rule-set consists of a selector and a declaration block and read the from small to advance topic from Distinctiveness this best for everyone.
Then start the this The second topic of Front-End developer i.e. CSS 

In this exercise, you will learn CSS part of Front-End developer from Beginner to advanced first of all I will discuss From beginner part how to start and how from the start so as to or in order that not any problem will undergo this the main part of our how to become a full-Stack developer so keep patience.

Second Important I tell you that focused on deep syntax what is syntax and how it actually works it  syntax equally describes how   in linguistics, the syntax is mainly describes is the set of rule, principles, and processes that Give the structure of sentences in a given language, usually including the word order and the term also used to refer to the study of such principles and processes.

All topic of CSS for learning  which provides how will learn start from beginner level if you are really following my rule you become successful developer in web field there mainly major will focus that you can easily learn and just implement it in the form of practical  I repetitiously you whether just learn theory and just apply practical that is impalement its example there many more example of question only Search on google then find on it.  

The topic of All CSS for beginner which are given below:

  • CSS   syntax
  • CSS   selector
  • CSS   comments
  • CSS   colors
  • CSS   Background
  • CSS   Borders
  • CSS   Margin
  • CSS   Padding
  • CSS   height
  • CSS   width
  • CSS   Box Model
  • CSS   Outline
  • CSS   Text
  • CSS   Fonts  
  • CSS   Icons
  • CSS   Tables
  • CSS   Display
  • CSS   Max-width
  • CSS   Position
  • CSS   Overflow
  • CSS    Float
  • CSS    Inline-Block
  • CSS    Align
  • CSS    Combination
  • CSS    Pseudo-Class
  • CSS    Opacity
  • CSS    Navigation bar
  • CSS    Drop-down
  • CSS     Image gallery
  • CSS    image Sprites
  • CSS    image attributes
  • CSS    Forms
  • CSS    Units.

This above all topic all about the core that is beginner if are learn about all topic then into CSS Advanced level mostly  two months is sufficient for beginners topic cover if you are work with honestly then you can lean all topic at least  two months if you are work with consistency. 

All topic Search On google One by the will be easily learned in a short time period if are work with honestly, I recommended set a schedule then work with every day guaranteed you will be success soon.   

Only what do that read one topic then do just practice yet mind is recall all topic if you read the topic then just practice then you will remember in long term memory this my recommended with experience 2 years.

If you are really ready for work as full stack developer in IT field and How to become a full stack developer, then you will be must follow my rule then you are soon becoming as a full stack developer. This is the very simple Rule to become a full-stack developer, firstly you will be expert in Front-End developer then you will jump on Back-End developer after complete this both technology Front-End and back-End developer, then you will jump on Database.

Database equally stores the  Data on Server which means that we understand suppose through the one Example if any visitor visits your website then he wants to contact you then he obviously click on Contact us navigation bar then he will fill the according to for you then submit the data. 

Then Store on Server. What you ever-amazing that where data going now this is called Database and in the IT field mostly SQL and MySQL database mostly demanded in the market but I suggest you first off all focused-on SQL then after understand it then go on MySQL.

Let me tell you For Front-End developer, I already discussed on HTML and CSS I tell you about CSS, CSS is the most important tool for designing any  web-page  (web-page means if you any content post or write on a website which shows that it is called web-page). If you want to design a web-page then you will learn extra technology which is Graphics Designing and Photoshop to create a simple template, Templates means if want to work as a freelancer then mostly Client demand first show me a simple website then you gives us simple templates that are called sample website Layout then I suggested you will be lean Photoshop and Graphics Designing.

How will be learn start CSS which  I tell you about CSS Which discussed already  on the above the paragraph then start the leaning CSS one by one topic select then explore it  with examples and there are many the platform for leaning in this modern era only search on google one by one topic then explore it now.

My second opinion for  Back-End developer which is needed for How to become a full-stack developer back-end developer demand and salary is very high as the IT field  and you are work as Back-End developer if are not you want to become a full-stack developer then as you like it you want to become  and  want to see as a full-stack the developer then this is very good for your life I suggested you that work as consistency and continue this is for your profit and will become a full-stack developer in a short period.

Some framework you will learn because the framework does it easy for any work in Web field and if want work smartly then you will know some frame for front-End developer mostly framework for front-End in the popular is the  Bootstrap 3/4  but I recommenced first learn Bootstrap 3 then after learning basic feature then jump on the Bootstrap 4.


Angular and React JS is most popular for JavaScript framework but I will be discussed about JavaScript tutorial because JavaScript is essential for web-pages JavaScript is mostly used for the form validation and manipulate the data like that if any visitor visits your website and you want if any user wants will be contacted then you contact me through a form then this the work features of JavaScript.

                   Back-End developer

Back-End developer

Back End  the developer is a programmer who writes code for Back-End means 
what time is now on the web-page and you want on the website set a like button but
 you want set terms and condition if any user will be visiting our 
a website like our page then they like only one time and many more write logic and function  in Back-End for the business layer.

What is  Back-End developer

A back-End developer is a type of programmer who creates and sets the logical coding in back-end and set the core computational logic functional in a website, software or information system, and many more. The developer creates components and features that are indirectly accessed by a user through a front-end application or system. The back-End developer mainly works for server-side scripting.

 Mainly for Back-End developers primarily develop and maintain the Core functional, logical, and operations of a software application or information system. Typically, a Back-End developer has expert the main major technology is needed that is programming skills in C++, C#, Java, Python, and other high-level programming languages. (High level programming language means which platform-independent only write code then run it. Then if this source code runs any platform then this is called high-level programming language this also known as platform-independent language.

The key role job for a back-end the developer is to ensure that the data or services requested by the Send through Front-End system or software are delivered through programmatic means. Back-End developers also create and maintain the entire back-end of a system, which consists of the core application logic, databases, data and application integration, API, and other Back-End Processes. Mostly, a Back-End developer performs the testing and debugging of any Back-End application. And about API I am already discussed you are known very well that.

I also want to tell you whether in the software field Back-End the developer is also called a business layer that means which any logical function and computational function for business purposes which is called the business layer.

Full stack word where from the come whatever you think about it in a ho-scone conference a Facebook engineer arise a question we should be needed a full stack  developer that means of full-stack developer who known Front-End, Back-End as well as Database because the individual developer is kept then the company will go in loses then demand full stack developer.

In the whole all  over  the country the Back-End developer demand is highly needed because for a back-End developer there are many the functionality will be calculated and set in the coding time if you are really want as back-end developer then you will become as on programming language either C++, Java, C#, and python. If you lean java for back-end then very good because java is specially developed for Android than for you will best double opportunity.

Now the third step for how to become a full-stack developer that is database let me tell you database in equally are used to store the data when any person Search on browser then server is requested for the database then the database sends the data etc.



A Database is mainly an organization of a collection of structured information or data, typically stored electronically in the computer system. A database is often controlled by a Together, the data and the DBMS, along with applications that are associated with them, and they are referred to as a database system, often shorted to just database Data within the most common types of databases in operation today is typically modeled in rows and columns in of the series of tables to make processing and data query efficient. Then the data can be easily accessed, managed, modified, and updated.

Mostly in the present software field (IT) there are two databases is mostly focused and it also popular first is SQL and the Second is MySQL.

SQL and MySQL are both used for the database SQL and MySQL is the programming language used by nearly all relational database to query, manipulate and define data, and to provide access control, SQL was first developed in IBM in 1970 by oracle and oracle as a major contributor which led to the implementation of the SQL ANSI standard SQL was many spurred extension from the Company such as IBN, Oracle and Microsoft,
Although SQL is still widely used today for database and new the programming language is beginning to appear.

There are many different types of database in the software field. The best database for a specific organization depends upon how well to organization's purpose intends to use the data.

Relational database: The relational database was oriented in 1980. in the terms of relational database are organized as a set of table with column and rows, relational database the technique is the most used and flexible way to access structured information.

Object-oriented database:
An object-oriented database is used for information in the object-oriented database is represented in the form of object and object-oriented is a programming language.

No-SQL database:
A No-SQL database that is non-relational database is used for unstructured 
and semi-structured data to be stored and manipulate and No-SQL database 
are most popular for web applications for the most common complex. And also, many more databases but mostly SQL and No-SQL database are mostly used in the IT field.

Back-End developer framework:

Some most framework for Back-End developer is La-ravel and Code-igniter

is a most important framework for Back-End developer this all framework is 


     Back-End developer Framework

Thank, you so many guys. 

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