Front -End developer | Beginner to advance

   Front-End developer | Beginner to advance

Front-End developer | Beginner to advance

Front-End developer

 Let me tell you that are you really passionate for want to become
 Front-End developer then this tutorial is for you.

Front-end developer is the major role for developing any website because he is designing the layout of the web page hence this is known as a client-side developer.

In this tutorial, you will learn all about front-end developer and how many real needed technologies for front-end developer if you really keep interested for front-end developer then you will easily become front-developer.

Front-end developer is actually known as a client-side developer 
client-side means Client-side refers to a specific part of client/server architecture, which is a network structure distinguishing clients or computers ordering information from servers, hardware pieces that deliver that information and process requests.

Front-End developer actually works for designing the web page of the website in order that user can be attracted towards and regularly visit the website.

Front-end developer is major parts of website design if you are become a Front-End developer you should behave creativity for designing the layout of the website.

I will be discussed all technology for needed front-end developer and how many technologies are required for a front-end developer.

If you will be following this technique then you will be definitely become a Front-End Developer.

In this scenario Front-End developer demand is an increase if you want to become a front-end developer then practice is very important in any field and front-end developer is also known as a client-side developer.

A front-end developer is a which design the layout for the front end of a website. While web design is the way a website looks, front end development mainly works for how that design actually gets implemented on the web.

Front -End developer is creating the pages of the internet are a sum of layers of structure, data, design, content, and functionality. The web would be a dust bowl of HTML and "Under Construction" GIFs without front-end developers taking the backend data and creating a user-facing functionality. By integrating mark-up languages, design, scripts, and frameworks, front-end developers create the environment for everything that users see, click, and touch.

All needed technology for the front-end developer you will be learning in this tutorial I really tell you that keep patience for becoming a front-End developer.

And you will be learning all needed question for front-end developer how many questions arises in the mind during learning time all topics you will be understanding.

You will learn in this tutorial all needed question about front-end developer which generally arises in the interview for a job this is the most important topic regarding front-end developer which explain in the below step by step.

  1.  What is the front-end developer
  2.  Front-End developer skills    
  3.   Front-end developer jobs           
  4.   Front-end developer          
  5.    Essential skills for a front-end developer     
  6.   Front-end developer language?  
  7.   Front-end developer job description       
  8.  Front-end developer interview question    
  9.   Front-developer conclusion.

What is front-End developer

Front-Developer which design the layout of the web-pages which is known as a front-end developer and front-end developer is also known as a client-side developer.

Client-side developers use their coding skills to create visually and some creativity for appealing, functional, and helpful web applications and dynamic websites. These developers are responsible for every part of a website that users see or interact with us. Homepages, shopping pages, slideshows—virtually any visible feature that shows up in a web browser or requires user input falls under this discipline. 

All of this the software runs on the client’s device, Client-side developers are also known as ‘front-End developer’ programmers, as the ‘front’ of a web page is what receives user interaction. These developers are well-compensated for their work, earning an average of $500,-$1000 annually in the United States, but wages vary based on location and company.

Note: Common scripting languages used by Front-End developers to create the client-side coding which language is required include JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Front-End developer is the major part of web browser all technology depends upon the front-end developer because though the front-end developer user interacts towards therefore front-end developer is the main role for developing any website.

Top mainly needed technologies for becoming front-end developer and some framework for becoming the easy which the different like that CSS framework is Bootstrap and JavaScript framework and library are React.js and jQuery both are the framework and library.

Front-End the developer is designing the structure of the web-pages in order that users can interact with.

Most Common technologies for front-end developer which are:

   ·      HTML
       ·       CSS
       ·      JavaScript

           7 Steps for becoming a Front-developer

What is front-End developer

Step 1:     HTML
Step 2:     CSS
Step 3:     CSS framework
Step 4:    JavaScript 
Step 5:    JavaScript Framework
Step 6:    JavaScript Library
Step 7:    Graphics Design.

Step 1:  HTML

HTML stands for means Hypertext mark-up language which the man parts of web pages which are also known as the structure of web-pages.

With the help of HTML, you can create your own website like a static
and dynamic website. HTML is the standard markup language for any web  With the help of HTML, you can create your own website

        like a static and dynamic website.

  •  There are main points of HTML which is given below:
  •  HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language
  •  HTML describes the structure of a Web page
  •  HTML consists of a series of elements HTML elements tell the browser how to display the content.


History of HTML, HTML was invented by Tim Berners-Lee and it is also discovered www (world wide web which is known as world internet).

There are all HTML following topic you should be must know

1.    HTML Elements
2.    HTML heading.
3.    Html attributes.
4.    Html heading.
5.    Html paragraph
6.    Html styles.
7.    Html formatting.
8.    Html quotation.
9.    Html colors.
10.  Html links.
11.    Html images.
12.   Html tables.
13.   Html list.
14.   Html block.
15.   Html classes.
16.   Html file path.
17.   Html head.
18.   Html is responsive.
19    Html semantics.
20.  Html symbols.
21.   Html forms.
22.  Html form element.
23.  Html form input type.
24.  Html form input attributes.
25.  Html canvas for graphics.
26.  Html video.
27.  Html audio.
28. Html Plugins.
29. Html YouTube

I am discussed the all topic for HTML from beginners to advance if you really wants to lean it then you can start the search and one of the best important notices for every beginner and advance you must follow daily practice because without practice you cannot become a developer so that practice will be kept for a beginner.

You can search on google for learning HTML there are many topics that will be shown on the browser and I recommend you self-Search on google then you will fastly learn because self-explore It is very good. If you want to learn through YouTube then learn and I recommended best Youtuber for every beginner click on 

Hence I which tell you if you are following the all topic one by one with example practice then you can easily become master in HTML and the last you will learn API if you really data fetch on your website then you will know API.

If you want to lean in actual HTML then practice is very important, I already tell about it.

Step 2: CSS

CSS is a language which describes the style of HTML document and CSS is also describing the how HTML element should be displayed and this tutorial will be from basic to advance this is a very important part of our HTML content.

First of all, the question arises what is CSS and how to start from beginner to advance I will be told that how to start CSS and where this very easy technique for every beginner.  

What is CSS
CSS stands for cascading style sheets and CSS describes how the HTML element is actually to be displayed on the screen in any browser, paper or in other media and CSS Save a lot of work. It can control the layout of multiple web pages all at once the external style sheet is stored in CSS file

Why Use CSS
CSS is used to define styles for your web pages, including the design, layout, and variations in display for different devices and screen sizes for making attractive our web pages.

In this tutorial, you will learn CSS part of Front-End developer from Beginner to advanced first of all I will discuss From beginner part how to start and how from the start so as to or in order that not any problem will undergo this the main part of our how to become a full-Stack developer so keep patience.

Second Important I tell you that focused on deep syntax, the syntax is the main parts of all Language first of all, you will be know what is syntax and how it actually works it, the syntax is equally describes how  in linguistics, the syntax is mainly describes is the set of rule, principles, and processes that Gove structure of sentences in a given language, usually including the word order and the term also used to refer to the study of such principles and processes.

All topic of CSS for learning  which provides how will learn start from beginner level if you are really following my rule you become successful  front-end developer in web field there mainly major will focus that you can easily learn and just implement it in the form of practical  I repetitiously you whether just learn theory and just apply practical that is impalement its example there many more example of question only Search on google but I recommend a visit at 

This the all topic of CSS follows one by one and learn it  and this the basic parts of CSS and that is for beginners and next topic you will learn all Advanced topics of CSS you will be know developing the user interface.

This is the basic parts of Cascading Style sheet 
  • CSS   Syntax
  • CSS   selector
  • CSS   Comments
  • CSS   Background
  • CSS   Borders
  • CSS   Margin
  • CSS   Padding
  • CSS   Height
  • CSS   width
  • CSS   Box border
  • CSS   Outline
  • CSS   Text
  • CSS   Fonts
  • CSS   Icons
  • CSS   Tables
  • CSS   Display
  • CSS   Max-width
  • CSS    Position
  • CSS    Overflow
  • CSS    float
  • CSS    Inline-block
  • CSS    Opacity
  • CSS    Navigation bar

Now Advance cascading style sheets which are 

  • CSS   Round corners
  • CSS   Borders Image
  • CSS   Colors
  • CSS   gradients
  • CSS   Shadow
  • CSS   Text Effect
  • CSS   Web fonts
  • CSS   2D Transform
  • CSS   3d Transform
  • CSS   Transition
  • CSS   Animation
  • CSS   Buttons
  • CSS   pagination
  • CSS   Multiples Coulum
  • CSS   Bos-sizing
  • CSS   Media Queries 

Learn all about the topic simply Search on google land lean all it but I recommend visiting for all technology if you are really known through the Google and if you want to learn through the videos lecture then visit at the CSS

Step 3:  CSS framework (Bootstraps)

Bootstraps is the framework of CSS; the framework is the ready-made code only should be known customized after learning complete of CSS then lean Framework of CSS that is Bootstraps.

If you want to build a Navigation bar then simply visit on Bootstraps or downloads then dry and run it. Click for Learning Bootstrap

Step 4:  JavaScript
JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web.
JavaScript is easy to learn.

JavaScript is a scripting or a programming language which is used to allows you to implement complex features on web pages  every time a web page does more than just sit there and display static information for you to look at displaying timely content updates, interactive maps, animated 2D/3D graphics, scrolling video jukeboxes, etc. — you can bet that JavaScript is probably involved. It is the third layer of the layer cake of standard web technologies,

For all full knowledge visit at this the site through video lecture visit at JavaScript

Why use of JavaScript?
JavaScript is one of the most 3 languages all web developers must learn:
   1. HTML to define the content of web pages
   2. CSS to specify the layout of web pages
   3. JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages

Step 5:  JavaScript Framework (React.js)

JavaScript Popular framework is React.js which popular in the world and this developed by Facebook, Facebook is developed this technology for adding new features.

This is the open-source platform which can any person access and modify it with the new features.

Note: React.js framework in the front-End developer is most important for designing the attractive web-pages you should be must know I really recommend and follow it.

Step 6: JavaScript Library (jQuery)

 After learning the React.js then start the JavaScript library which is jQuery actually why are lean library of JavaScript you will be must know library helps our work and easily to developed any website this is the major role.

Step 7:  Graphics Design

If you are really working as a freelancer then you will be must learn graphics designing technology because if take order project on the freelancing the website then your order has been accepted then company are demand you please see you simple web project then at this you will need graphics technology therefore you will learn Graphics designing technology.

Front-End developer Skills

There are the following technology you will be must know for becoming the front-End developer in the major company for needed technology as a front-end the developer which I tell you that in the below:

Step 1: HTML
Step 2: CSS

Step 3: JavaScript

Step 1: HTML

HTML stands for Hyper-text mark-up Language which describes structure of web-pages this the most important major technology for becoming the front-end developer which I already discussed in the deep for the above.

Follow this technology I recommend you will become a successful front-end developer I promise you to follow this technique.

Note: Learn some framework of CSS (Cascading Style sheet) and some framework of Bootstrap which I already discussed in the above paragraph.

The most important thing for becoming the front-end developer is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript this is enough for Front-End developers.

             Front-End developer Jobs

Front-End developer Jobs

Front-End Developer Job in the IT field is very large but you should be having a good in this field then you will easily crack any company.

Front-End Developer in the Information technology field (IT) is very large approximate front-end developer job is very needed if you have the best knowledge in the front-end developer then you will be easily crack this job.

For finding the job of front-end developer first of all you will create a job portfolio profile on the enter internet I recommend for finding the job of front-end developer please use Linkedin

For creating the profile of Linkedin there follow this step then you will create a job profile.

Step 1:    Visit this website
Step 2:    Sign up either google or any other as you like it
Step 3:    build your best profile according to your degree.
Step 4:    Make a connection then send a job request.

Note: Either target any specific country in which you should find the job of Front-end developer or any other Jobs simply target country then apply it.

Front-End developer Salary

Front-End developer Salary in the IT (information technology) the field give as an experience you have a more than experience 2 years then you will get $1000-$1500.

Front-End developer Salary in the market is very low as compared to Full-stack developer because full stack developer has both skill front-end and back-end therefore first of all company prefers to full stack developer.

If you want to know how to become a full-stack developer and what is needed technology for becoming the full stack developer then click this

Essential skills for a front-end developer

An essential skill for becoming the front-end developer mainly three but you will know some framework and library for becoming the smartly work and easily the project this helpful developed any project with the help of framework and library.

Step 1:     Learn HTML (Hypertext mark-up language)
Step 2:    Learn CSS (cascading style sheet)
Step 3:    Learn JavaScript
Step 4:    Bootstrap (CSS Framework)
Step 5:    Recat.js (JavaScript Framework)
Step 6:    Learn Graphics Design (photoshop)

Learn all essential techniques for becoming the front-end developer which is discussed above step by step and all essential steps for front-end developer please scroll the above paragraph which I already discussed.

Front-End developer Language

5 language for front-end developer you will be must know
For becoming the front-end developer there are mainly their technology and some framework of CSS and JavaScript you will be must know.

Front-end developer actually designs the structure of web-pages and how should be look website these are all functionality design front-end developer.

Front-end developer language is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but if you want that work as smartly and easily then you should know some framework of CSS and JavaScript which I tell you in the below:

Front-end developer Language 

Step 1:     HTML (Hypertext mark-up language)
Step 2:     CSS (cascading style sheet)
Step 3:     JavaScript
Step 4:     Bootstrap (CSS Framework)
Step 5:     Recat.js (JavaScript Framework)

Learn all topics step by step which discussed the above paragraph.


if you are following my this rule then you will become a Full Front-End developer I have discussed all needed technology for the front-end developer and essential skill for front-end developer, 
Front-end developer language, front-end developer skills and front-end developer job in the IT field all essential related and job-related technology I have been discussed

Thank you so much, guys

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